VENOM Interview (German METAL HAMMER, #5 / 1985)

English translation:

There is hardly any other band that has been subject to such mixed opinions as the group that coined the term „Black Metal“. They probably even have more opponents than fans. Nevertheless, the success of Venom is unstoppable. The new mini LP „Canadian Assault“ will probably go gold in Canada.

VENOM themselves say that they make their music the way they want and can. “If someone accuses us of not being good musicians, they may be right,” says drummer Abbadon. “When we recorded “Welcome To Hell“, we were on average 18 years old and did everything the way we thought was right at the time.“

We have always stick to this attitude. No producer talks us into the sound, we do what we want. If we felt like playing love songs, no one could talk us out of it. So I don’t understand why so many people complain about us. We don’t force anyone to listen to our records. We try to do our best for our fans, for those who don’t like us: piss off!”

The day before Venom flew to the US I was able to do the following interview with Cronos.

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